TQI Sports Management Agency & Entertainment - Pre-Draft Service

TQI services. A sports agency procures and negotiates employment and endorsement contracts for an athlete.

TQI understands what it takes to compete at the professional level. Our proactive approach prepares our clients for Pro Day Workouts.

TQI also provide access to some of the most trusted and experienced personal trainers.

We need prospective athletes to understand the importance of the Prospect Form provided in PDF or Word Document. Please supply TQI with a complete and accurate athletic profile of yourself. The information provided to TQI Sports Agency will assist in creating a customized profile to distribute to professional teams. In order to create a customized profile, it is important for the prospective athlete to share prior achievements about your career including, your age, education, health, athletic skills, and statistical information on all position(s) you have played.

Prospect Form - DOC    Prospect Form - PDF

No Pre-Draft verbal agreement