TQI Sports Management Agency & Entertainment - Marketing

TQI Sports Management Agency & Entertainment - MarketingTQI's marketing division is the only group in the industry exclusively dedicated to athlete marketing. By focusing on the complete development of the player-brand, we allow our clients to maximize their off the court earnings and reach their full marketing potential.

TQI Marketing Services provides the following services: 

We increase athlete marketability through comprehensive strategic plans crafted for each individual client. We focus on the critical levers: community relations (CR) to help our clients give back, public relations (PR) to tell our clients’ stories, fan relations (Digital Marketing) to build and strengthen fan loyalty and sponsor relations to increase off court earnings.

Our Mission Statement:
Our mission is to help each individual achieve success in all their endeavors! We build, maintain and protect our clients’ brands.

Our Goal:
To identify, build, energize and reward RAVING fans. Fan loyalty is the key to reaching our marketing goals.