TQI Sports Management Agency & Entertainment Marketing

TQI Sports Management Agency Entertainment MarketingAt TQI our role, and goal, is to assist our clients in fully leveraging their sports & entertainment marketing dollars in ways that deliver tangible, measurable results targeted to achieving specifically defined corporate business objectives.  Thoroughly understanding those business goals is the first of a nine step process we employ that includes market analysis, sponsorship strategy, sponsorship search - selection - negotiation, creating the sponsorship leveraging strategy, sponsorship implementation, sponsorship activation, and finally, on-going evaluation of the sponsorship results.

Media, Public Relations & Social Responsibility play an enormous role in our clients' public perception and therefore in the success of their sports and entertainment sponsorship programs or athletic careers, be those our corporate clients or our individual athlete clients respectively.  We employ both specific, individualized strategies for creating traditional Public Relations opportunities (one-way promotion),  like television show appearances and print publication profiles, as well as strategies for understanding and maximizing the new and constantly evolving opportunities presented by social media (two-way promotion).

TQI Sports Management Agency represents athletes for speaking engagements, presentations, special events, television commercials, autograph signings or any personal appearance. If you would like to speak with one of our agents about commercial endorsements or personal appearance bookings, please contact TQI Sports Management Agency.

We need prospective athletes to understand the importance of the Prospect Form provided in PDF or Word Document. Please supply TQI with a complete and accurate athletic profile of yourself. The information provided to TQI Sports Agency will assist in creating a customized profile to distribute to professional teams. In order to create a customized profile, it is important for the prospective athlete to share prior achievements about your career including, your age, education, health, athletic skills, and statistical information on all position(s) you have played.

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